Saturday, 26 March 2011

Solent Kayak fishing trip

Day out on kayaks from south coast. Beautiful spring day with neap tides, light winds and sunny skies. Four of us set out on the two Malibu Twos in search of Bass. Low tide incoming. Despite lots of trawling and fishing with rag, dug from the beach, no bites. Saw plenty of schoolies and a few bigger ones feeding on fry in less than a couple of feet of water just off the spit but just couldn't tempt one. Nevertheless a lovely day for a paddle. Had a workout on the way back with wind and tide against us. Lots of Brent Geese about and surprisingly very little boat traffic. Lots of enthusiasm but just that little bit early in the year perhaps.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shipmans Buzzer day at Ackers, Pensford

Fished local lake today, Ackers, on the Knowle tab. I don't normally blog about visits here as it is a small farm pond stocked with Rainbows. However felt it was noteworthy today as it felt like the first real day of spring - sun shining, hatches coming off the lake and fish rising. After a slow start eventually got wired in to where and what the fish were feeding on. Five lovely Rainbows all around 2lb on Size 12 olive Shipmans Buzzer fished on a rod length leader of 4lb Fluro. All fish took on the surface or just below - great half day session.