Monday, 15 August 2011

More Carp and Rainbows in the rain...

Evening session produced another Common Carp about 3lb and three Rainbows, biggest I kept, all on the fly. I've come to the conclusion the carp really don't like it when the trout start feeding. Heavy rain showers but mild and muggy. Some big carp (10lb+) moving around but none taking my fly!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Deja vu - River Chew leviathan stretch produces big wild brownies

Finally got car going and met up with Red at Bye Mills. Not much feeding and we both blanked. Had a pleasant chat with one of the house owners on the river who advised us that work on the weir would commence shortly. Not convinced it will be a good thing or not. Will definitely slow Chew upstream but might vary flow below. Lets hope spawning beds below aren't affected as the river sustains a nice head of wild brownies on this stretch.

Took a drive to the leviathan stretch and it didn't disappoint for me two really nice wild Brown Trout both over a 1lb and one nearing 2lb both on the dry. The first although smaller gave me a right runaround almost whipping my legs together and bringing me down! Neither had I caught before so there must be few here. Red had also netted a monster here on Friday. Finished up on one of the lakes and took one nice 2lb Rainbow.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Carp on the fly again....

Still not an easy task put persistence paid off. My focus was the carp on my artificial foam flies. After initial success a couple of weeks previous in not ideal conditions I thought the mild evening tonight might make life easier but hooking a carp took some time. Little and often with the bread and then place your fly between the last remaining flakes. After a couple of Rainbows hammered my fly finally a nice common took it. I wasn't prepared for the fight that ensued as it really tested my 8 weight rod and forearm. Stripping line from the reel I was glad I hadn't compromised on the 10lb fluro leader. A pristeen Common Carp of around 6lb was netted. After this although I had several rises from carp none were hooked. I changed to a new design made of a smaller amount of foam but like a shipmans (segmented down the shank) with antron either end. The carp just weren't fooled but the trout went mad for it. Three Rainbows returned and several more hooked and lost - if anything they were a bit of a nuisance!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cornwall Fishing and Surf Summary

Just spent lovely two weeks in Cornwall. Some highlights were good Pollack and Mackerel session near Porthscatho - just casting a weighted eel over reef from the kayak on outgoing tide. Must have caught about a dozen Pollack to 2lb. Catching some lovely Bass on outgoing tide on south coast. Biggest about 4lb. Catching Mackerel on the kayak off St. Ives sun out and sea like glass. Priveleged encounter with pod of dolphins, including a small calf, off Godrevy whilst my brother and I fished from the kayak. Also caught Mackerel and Pollack off Towan Head and Praa (but no Bass).

Surf wise great 4ft glassy evening at Penhale, average 3ft days on Fistral and an enjoyable little longboard session at Crantock surfing rights from the rivermouth. Some lovely days on the beach at Watergate (dolphins again - came in and rode waves), Treyarnon (great bodyboarding and rockpools), Praa and Godrevy.

Was hoping to get out and catch some more carp on the fly today but the rain has set in hence time to blog!
Bottlenose Dolphins approaching Godrevy

Finding a secluded beach near Maenporth, Falmouth

These Bass and Mackerel were for the table - I only take what the family will eat.