Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fly fishing for Pike on the Frome

Nothing quite like a bit of piking when the pumpkins come out. Spent day guesting on Avon & Tribs on the Frome. A lot of fish about but only two coming to hand or net with Red and I catching a fish a piece. Mine just about 5lb but his probably just shy of double figures. I did connect with two other fish, one a particularly good fish which I had on for quite some time before it shook the hook. Sometimes I think the teeth just get caught up on the fly and that is why its not a solid hook up. Great day in lovely setting.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Final bash on the Teifi

Spent final weekend of Salmon season on Teifi hosted by Red and Dave. Fished a couple of beats mainly using Mepps spinners. No adult Salmon or Sea Trout but some nice little wild Brownies and the odd Salmon parr barely larger than the lure. Felt I learnt a new trade of fishing the Mepps upstream and across pretty much tempting any trout that gave itself away on the surface. I just find it unbelievable how you can cover every inch of a pool and then minutes after turning to give up a resident double figure Salmon will launch itself clear of the water just to say goodbye. Ho-hum better luck next year!