Sunday, 24 June 2012

Southbourne Kayak and last light on Wellow

The last week or so has had more and more rain. I took a day off on the eve of the longest day for some sea kayak fishing on one of the few dry days recently. My brother and I launched from Southbourne with Black Bream and Mackerel the target. Unfortunately the light winds forecast were not sustained and before long we were trying to drift in 15 mph onshore winds with a swell to go with it. Despite several hours of jigging, feathering and bottom fishing, mainly with squid, we ended up with just two Mackerel. We had a few knocks on the squid but no hook ups. On the way back to Bristol I took slight diversion to the Wellow for the last two hours of light. The river was high but clear and fishing was tough. I clipped a the tail from a Paradun in the light after covering numerous fish without success. As soon as I had done this the fish started to come. Ended up with 4 wild Brownies to about 10 inches.

Yesterday went to the Wellow again but the water was too high and coloured. Red and I ended up at one of the lakes and despite several early plucks on a Shipmans I failed to catch. Red hooked a nice fish on a G&H Sedge. Loads of Carp near the surface but not really in a feeding mood. This week looks drier but I think it will be few days before the rivers are fishable on the fly.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

River Chew continues to run high

Visit to the Lower Chew on a sunny day among the heavy showers. The river just about suitable to fish on the fly with a fair bit of water coming down and coloured. I fished fairly deep and noticed the fish took when movement was imparted rather than on the dead drift. A few rises occurred in the eddies but I failed to tempt a fish on the dry. Ended up with just two Grayling and two hooked but lost fish.

Red and I then headed to the Upper Chew where the stream was clearer but fishing was still slow. I really feel the fish here have to fight against the odds as I disturbed two Herons and saw Mink prints on the silt. The stream is small with little cover apart from undercut banks and the odd stump left undisturbed. I ended up with three wild Brownies to about 10", two of which had Heron/Cormorant damage.

After the weekend thought I'd have a change on the following Wednesday which was just about the nicest evening of the week and headed for one of the local lakes with Carp on the fly in mind. Surprisingly no Carp action but three Rainbows on the surface Shipmans Buzzer and Green Buzzer drifted 18" below the surface.