Saturday, 1 February 2020

It’s been a while - high rivers, loss of mojo but finally back on the Pike

I’ve finally got back in the fishing habit. As the first glimpse of spring is shedding light on the Snowdrops and the water is falling I have found my way back to the river. The Pike have been clinging the bottom so deep sinking lines have been required. A couple of nice fish have been in the net both taking a weighted fly. It’s nice to be back!

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Summer of Bass and Wrasse

This year for me was a bumper year for Bass. Not big and all returned but glorious mid range fish from the Cornish coast. Some days on the kayak at certain states of tide my catch rate was into double figures. The best of fishing on Black Minnows but other lures did the trick as well. It was the first summer I caught a Bass on the fly from a South Cornish cove. As well as the Bass my son and I caught some cracking Wrasse. Deeply fished lures that had to be weedless to cope with the kelp.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Summer day at Ringstead Bay

Beach day with family at Ringstead Bay. Managed to get a few hours in searching for Bass. Just one Bass and a Wrasse  after covering a lot of ground. Nice paddle though with light winds.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

My unsung special place that gets me through the week..

How lucky am I? On my doorstep I have an urban river that fills my summer evenings with joy. It’s so easy to tap into something like this but the world of North Bristol spins around it. A beautiful Roach and glorious wild Brownie on the fly all in one evening..

Monday, 20 May 2019

Evening sessions on the local rivers - River Chew and Bristol Frome

Had some lovely late afternoon/evening sessions on River Chew and Bristol Frome. The Chew was incredibly low in level. I wonder whether Bristol Water are managing the flow in this way but question the impact on the fish who are struggling hard to find deeper pools. Nevertheless I found some good spirited mid sized Brownies falling to the dry as Mayfly were steady in coming off. No big fish though but lots of parr which is a good sign.

Meanwhile the Bristol Frome babbles away beneath the busiest of Bristol roads harbouring some wonderful fish. So far on the dry I have netted Dace getting on for a 1lb and some really solid Browns still managing to sustain a reasonable population. 

Saturday, 11 May 2019

River Chew evening on the dry

Wonderful evening on lower River Chew. I fished a long section that a fellow fly fisherman, Charles Fishwish Halliday, and I had tended to on the weekend before. We had made some access points, unblocked some tree falls, undertaken some sympathetic pruning to open canopy and positioned fallen branches to increase flow. It was remarkable how much work we had done in a day. Today I was reaping the benefits casting to the pools I had planned and yes they were full of rising fish. Mayfly were starting to trickle off and the fish were sipping and hitting my dry with enthusiasm. A nymph never left my box. The other good thing was the variety in size from small par just a few inches to really good wild Browns of over a pound.  

The best of the bunch in the net was a good 14" fish and this was just after a colossal struggle and line break a few casts before. Weather getting warmer in late teens with the odd light shower.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Teifi trout again but no Salmo

Spent a few days of May bank holiday weekend being hosted at Red's Teifi retreat on a caravan site in the middle of the Welsh hills. The nights were blooming cold dropping to near freezing and I had leaky waders so I don't think my feet really felt comfortable at any point in the 48 hrs. We were spinning primarily using Mepps or I occasionally tried a Black Minnow. Our target species was Salmon or Sea Trout but I was happy with some good spirited nice sized wild Brownies. Just one day I will buy that lottery ticket and cast to a pool that contains a responsive migratory fish but not this weekend.

On the last day Red had a few casts with the fly rod while I spent an hour just taking in the scenery.