Sunday, 14 August 2011

Deja vu - River Chew leviathan stretch produces big wild brownies

Finally got car going and met up with Red at Bye Mills. Not much feeding and we both blanked. Had a pleasant chat with one of the house owners on the river who advised us that work on the weir would commence shortly. Not convinced it will be a good thing or not. Will definitely slow Chew upstream but might vary flow below. Lets hope spawning beds below aren't affected as the river sustains a nice head of wild brownies on this stretch.

Took a drive to the leviathan stretch and it didn't disappoint for me two really nice wild Brown Trout both over a 1lb and one nearing 2lb both on the dry. The first although smaller gave me a right runaround almost whipping my legs together and bringing me down! Neither had I caught before so there must be few here. Red had also netted a monster here on Friday. Finished up on one of the lakes and took one nice 2lb Rainbow.

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