Friday, 12 August 2011

Carp on the fly again....

Still not an easy task put persistence paid off. My focus was the carp on my artificial foam flies. After initial success a couple of weeks previous in not ideal conditions I thought the mild evening tonight might make life easier but hooking a carp took some time. Little and often with the bread and then place your fly between the last remaining flakes. After a couple of Rainbows hammered my fly finally a nice common took it. I wasn't prepared for the fight that ensued as it really tested my 8 weight rod and forearm. Stripping line from the reel I was glad I hadn't compromised on the 10lb fluro leader. A pristeen Common Carp of around 6lb was netted. After this although I had several rises from carp none were hooked. I changed to a new design made of a smaller amount of foam but like a shipmans (segmented down the shank) with antron either end. The carp just weren't fooled but the trout went mad for it. Three Rainbows returned and several more hooked and lost - if anything they were a bit of a nuisance!

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