Friday, 25 June 2010

Bristol Frome Dry Fly Evening

Evening session today fished Bristol Frome. Normal route from BB working my way downstream on the towpath looking for feeding fish and then approaching upstream. Dry flies here don't need to be fussy Size 12/14 parachute patterns work just fine for Trout and Chub. Intentionally missed the weir glide and noticed fish rising in a very short glide by the old bridge. First cast flicked under the hanging Hazel, bang nice little Brownie. Amazingly never spooked other fish despite skittish scrap across the shallow shingle below. Same pattern followed for two further brownies all around 6-8 oz. The area of water was probably a metre square and 3ft deep with shallow riffle above and below. Great result 3 casts on the same dry and 3 fish. Carried on down and caught another 3 further downstream before bad light stopped play. All fish safely returned.

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