Monday, 6 April 2009

Second day on the Fly - River Chew

After my success on the Wellow I was now champing at the bit to build on my experience. I had joined Keynsham (at under £20 a year its a steal) and had already checked out their waters so was bit more clued up. Using the same technique, starting with a PTN, but then probably through loss, changed to a Black Buzzer!  I fished a number of pools this time using an indicator as I was finding the end of the fly line less visible and was sinking and getting contorted in the cloudier water. I had now extended my leader by a foot (to 8') and introduced two differing strengths of fluorocarbon. Always fishing upstream I was keen not to spook fish. The Chew allowed more distance in my cast and I was really getting comfortable with retrieving the line at the speed of the current to ensure good presentation of the fly. Amazingly I caught a number of fish including a small Brownie and a couple of good Grayling. I loved the speed and strength of fight all the fish gave on my little 4 weight rod.

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