Saturday, 19 February 2011

Southerndown Surf Session

Surfed Southerndown alone today on outgoing tide about 2 hours after high tide. Started off 3' dropping to 2' as tide dropped out over rocks. Easy little session. Wind cross SE. Not great considering swell was forecast 7.5' for South Wales with light winds. Checked out Ogmore rivermouth first but tide was starting to race out and rip up the righthand peak across the river. When I got to Ogmore it looked a good 4' and offshore with plenty of longboarders out. I waited for 15 minutes and was glad I didn't get kitted up and paddle across the brown river as the surf started to deteriorate rapidly. Should have got there an hour earlier.  Massive high tide in early hours had spoilt the morning as none of the other breaks further East were working. Had to take my son to footy in the afternoon so morning it had to be.

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