Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Surfing Tenerife

Surfed about handful of times over past couple of weeks. Surf small but perfectly formed little reef break waves over the mile strip at Las Americas. I tended to surf early mornings as the crowds do not appear until mid morning and the wind is either non existent or light offshore. Some days I would surf  Piscinas (El Conquistador) and when the swell was bigger I headed to the break just out from Spanish Left. Piscinas is nice relatively mellow peak, having both a right and left, which is less busy. I often found myself surfing this break alone. Outside of Spanish Left  is a less competitive left with the odd right section over flat sandy rock. It is a nice left wave when there is a bit more swell but gets busy with locals and visiting surfers. There are other better waves here like La Derecha , a right that breaks across to Piscinas, and Spanish Left but the take off spots are confined and the locals are unlikely to do you any favours!

Piscinas right

Left outside Spanish Left


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