Saturday, 6 October 2012

Plan C on the Hampshire Avon

Went down to my bro's with idea of catching a nice little wave at Kimmeridge. The wave buoys were suggesting a nice waist high wave pushing up the channel. By the time I got down to Salisbury the readings were looking borderline at best and K bay is a fair old trek if you are not 90% sure it will be surfable. Plan B   then was to fish the Nadder on the outskirts Salisbury. Picked up a day ticket and got to the bank. It was as brown as the Chew and spilling the banks. Back to the tackle shop and Plan C exchange the ticket for one on the Hampshire Avon which Rich said had been running clear and beautiful for the last couple of weeks. No problems with exchanging and we turned up on the Avon which was looking pristine. Rich was the first to get any action as he hooked into a good sized trout.
Rich brings a nice fish to the net.

The resulting Brownie.
It took me a while to get any takes and then a flurry of rises in my vicinity lead to a couple of small trout and a lost big Grayling that snapped me off. We made our way upstream the fairly long stretch out of Salisbury. The fish were sporadic and came the feed for limited periods as the sun warmed the water enough for some fly activity. As the light started to fade on what was a lovely day the last 30 minutes was frantic with both good sized Grayling and some nice Brownies coming to the net.

My best Grayling of the day - probably of the year so far.

A nice wild one going back.

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