Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day Two - Cam Brook, Somerset

Fished the Cam today in glorious sunshine with the temperature getting up to a balmy 9C although a cold easterly still made it feel chilly. I hadn't fished this stretch before and it appeared to have plenty of potential with lots of pools, riffles and runs. I saw one rise as I made my way to the bottom of the beat so hopes were high. After thirty minutes of not getting any takes I was beginning to doubt my stealth and the 4lb fluro leader which I thought might be spooking fish in the gin clear water. However I finally got a take on a heavily weighted nymph in a turbulent pool. After that the fish started to come thick and fast mainly deep although I did hook one on the dry but lost it. It was magical to see a fish rise from the bottom and take the Klink - I almost felt I was on a chalkstream.


As the afternoon wore on the fish got larger with most averaging out at around 8 inches. Access points were limited due to the steep banks but once in the channel it was lovely to fish with the mature trees in the main unhindering a roll cast. Ended up with about ten fish in the hand all on the nymph. Several hatches of Large  Dark Olives coming off at some of the larger pools. Damaged my scoop net beyond repair on some of the fallen trees but it was worth it.

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