Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday fish on the Cam Brook - its all about the timing.

Hopes were high as I set off for Cam today. The sky was clear with some warmth coming through. Had to fish the morning as commitments mid afternoon needed me back on parental duties. The brook looked lovely with sporadic small rises early in the day. The vegetation was starting to take a hold and it won't be long before this little stream becomes almost unfishable as the canopy closes in. I found it hard today as tight casting and the odd gust of wind began to eat into my confidence. Its incredibly difficult to approach and cast to a rising fish on this stream and more often than not my first cast must have spooked fish. I missed several rises to the dry and lost two or three fish on the nymph within the first half an hour. After several hours of nothing, other than a dolls hand trapped in the roots of an alder which freaked me,  I finally connected with one small fish in a fast run to save the day. 

As I left there was a steady trickle of what I think were female Pale Watery duns (Baetis Fuscatus) coming off in a shallow stretch and I felt that the fish were just about to start feeding again but both time and enthusiasm had got the better of me. First Yelllowhammer of the year calling today in the valley.

A rare chance shot of  the spring canopy as I tried to catch the duns  in action!

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