Monday, 3 June 2013

It's that time of year again on the Chew, what the fish and fly fisherman has been waiting for ...

Got back from Cornwall Sunday night and my wife allowed me to indulge on Monday night as I was desperate to get out and fish in the summer weather. The Chew came up trumps after a slow start. The Mayfly increased throughout the evening and in the last hours of daylight I was festooned in Danica with fish leaping everywhere. Funnily enough my first couple of fish were not trout but Dace and small Chub but soon the wild Brownies began to dominate. Most of the fish I caught were getting on for a pound with a couple of larger fish. Having fished the stretch many times earlier in the year I just couldn't believe the numbers of trout this little river sustains which are rarely so visible. On one shallow stretch in the low water I clocked nearly a dozen fish jostling for position at the tail of a pool all over 12 inches in length. Needless to say I used just a dry fly in the form of a Parachute Adams or olive Klink and tried to focus on the larger fish with my casting. I ended up with over 20 in the net and some large ones evaded capture. 


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