Sunday, 6 October 2013

Late season fish on the Chew and still the Mullet allude me..

Warm sunny afternoon saw me meet up with Red on the River Chew. Loads of Sedge coming off but the fish were not rising. I managed 3 Brownies and 2 tiny Grayling mainly on nymph with the exception of one of the trout which took a Klink. The water level was low and with encroaching vegetation it was quite difficult to fish. The Balsam was lining the banks catching flies at ever opportunity! I enjoyed it nevertheless but think the little river needs some rain to liven the pools up again.

Still no luck on the local Mullet front despite my best efforts to tie every Mullet fly imaginable - perhaps Mullet in murky water just don't feed by sight! Seeing big fish boil just feet from you but that seem incapable of responding to whatever I chuck at them is infuriating. On the bright side I have become a master of  local tides and can even predict when the gravel bars will be covered and uncovered and when low tide pools will get a flush either on the ebb or flow. I know where and when the Mullet feed but just can't figure what gets them agitated. Seriously contemplating a mud/detritus fly if one exists - hell I'll make one up.I still have hope and maybe what must now be a Plan Z up my sleeve but time is running out as Winter sets in.

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