Saturday, 14 June 2014

Its hot and the fish are still making the most of the dwindling Mayfly...

Fished the River Chew on a muggy hot afternoon. Mayfly still trickling off and a few lazy rises from the large fish that frequent this section of the river. I have not learnt my lesson and the first fish, a good fish, snaps my 3lb leader. I change my set up to a 5lb fluro straight through to the dry. I miss a few rises but then hook a nice wild fish of about a 1lb.
The banks are like a jungle as I scramble between entry and exit points with nettles chest high. At this time of year parts of the Chew become unfishable with vegetation but it keeps the fishing pressure down and provides lots of cover. Next fish a stocked or escapee Rainbow that provides a test for my little Fladen, this time taking a brassie nymph on a deeper section. I finish off with another nice Brown that I watched come from a deep undercut to inspect and engulf the dry. I caught some smaller wildies which was good to see as this section is often dominated with stocked fish.


  1. is this chew section avi from keynsham aa

  2. It is upstream on the Knowle ticket. Slower section but holds good fish. Regards Mike