Sunday, 30 November 2014

Its that time of year again when thoughts turn to Pike on the fly..

Red and I have been out roving the banks on those sunny Winter days looking for Pike. We have walked for miles in wonderful surroundings seeing relatively few anglers. Mainly on the Somerset levels and Bristol Avon searching the margins and reed beds with intermediate lines and large streamer flies. Most of the fish have been in the 2-5lb bracket but just occasionally a big one comes along and then its a struggle on a 7wt rod. We have even found that a bit of colour doesn't dissuade the takes.
Lower Avon jack.
Red and a good double figure Pike from the Bristol Avon
North Drain Pike


  1. Lovely fish Mike! Been out a couple of times trying for old toothy myself on the fly but to no avail, yet. Just bought a sparse looking Mohican fly that looks good, hopefully easier casting too, will let you know how I get on : )

  2. The Bristol Avon has been good and its fishable on the fly near you for Pike assuming the river is running fairly clear unlike conditions at the moment. Sometimes the current can be a little too strong just use a good sinking line if required. I have been tying my own flies generally on 2/0 hooks with bog chain eyes - black or white marabou with flashbou and a dash of red marabou near the eyes. Fish tend to be in the margins/under bank rather than in the main flow. Good Luck.

  3. Yeah the Avon has been looking good lately before this rain kicked it up. I did spot the bug eyed fly in your pick, it looks great fancy tying me one lol. Using an intermediate line and fishing the weedy margins so confident it won't be too long until I hook into one.... : )