Friday, 24 April 2015

Upper Chew for a change..

Fished the Upper Chew. Book suggested fishing hard with little sign of life/fish caught and some concerning comments about water quality. Still another lovely day I walked across the fields with promise as this was my first session on stream this season. The water level was actually OK and the water was clear. I headed for a productive bend where fish often congregate. Immediately saw a few rises so was optimistic. It wasn't long before I was into a few fish on both dry and nymph. All small wild Brownies.
Further upstream I saw a group of fish dimpling in a pool. To my amazement they turned out to be Roach  - I caught two on the nymph nice little males with spawning tubercles. I left them to it a fair way up from the lake incidentally, they would have had to swim through some really shallow runs  to get that far up. Last fish of the day was 2lb+ Rainbow which lumbered in a deep pool and then shot off to quick for my reaction snapping my 3lb leader with ease. Lovely few hours on the stream which still produces a few surprises.

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