Saturday, 31 October 2015

Long time coming .. and now for some Pike on the Bristol Avon

Lovely autumnal weather sees Red and I out on the bank fly fishing for Pike at various locations on lower and middle Bristol Avon. Rivers incredibly low at moment with some jacks up to about 5lb coming to the net. They seem to come on the feed sporadically after the bait fish start to come to life. You can cover a peg many times and then suddenly get a hit out of nowhere when you are least expecting it. Such a hassle free exciting way to tackle these wonderful fish.


  1. Nice pike mate! I'm into my second year fishing for them on the fly around Keynsham (portavon marina mostly) Have had plenty of perch, some decent size, but no toothy fellas yet. What are you using lure wise? I've mostly been trying a pink/yellow mohican streamer and just last w/e a good looking orange trout streamer that took the perch, have always had success spinning using anything orange for perch/pike but struggling to find any small pike streamers that aren't like casting a wet sock, even trimmed down!
    Would be well up for joining you on a piking sortee one day if you ever fancy it? : )

  2. I have been getting success with mainly white and red halo hair - quite large 4-6" with some chain or dumbell eyes. Fish usually come on a slow retrieve at the moment close to the bottom on the contour coming into the bank. On the Crane stretch (upstream of the Marina) there are plenty of Pike but I think they are pretty lazy (a dead bait fisherman netted a 17lber on the weekend) - match fisherman are plagued particularly on the bigger roach. I do believe the bigger fly bigger success. Try Bathampton by Newbridge its more open for fly fishing and holds Pike but has plenty of rowers to contend with. Once the weather calms down a bit I'll let you when I'm next out. Cheers Mike