Sunday, 26 June 2016

Salisbury & District antics...

Well after years of waiting both Red and I finally got to the top of the list and offered membership to Salisbury & District Game angling. I was undecided however as had forked out for all my tickets this year in clubs around Bristol and wasn't sure I'd make use of the offer. However, I was persuaded and I am now really pleased. It has  miles of new chalkstream to explore and has re-invigorated my passion for river fly fishing. To date we have covered a number of beats including West Amesbury, Ratfyn, Manningford and Stonehenge all on the Hampshire Avon and all with a different feel. Manningford was similar to my normal west country rivers, further up the Avon it is a small meandering stream similar to the Wellow or Chew, it is clear but not quite a traditional chalkstream. Further downstream the other beats are varied with wide beautiful crystal clear glides to deep rannuculus laden pools. Despite the rain the river has remained clear particularly in the middle reaches.
The Grayling sport has been fantastic with plenty coming to the net some of a good size:

The trout have also been good sport with mainly wild Brownies being caught interspersed with some larger stockies. Mayfly has been trickling off but everyone we meet seems to be complaining that this year has been disappointing on the Avon. I guess it is all relative and I am content to just be out on such a great river. On the middle reaches the fishing is whole different ball game to what I am used to with fish as suspicious as they come inspecting and dismissing your fly out of hand if you don't match the flow or present your fly in a natural way. On top of that if fishing from the bank you need to keep low to avoid spooking whole sections of river. Nevertheless perseverance pays off and eventually a few trout are fooled by the newbies!

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