Friday, 16 June 2017

Hazy summer day on the Upper Wylye

Spent glorious Friday on Wylye Salisbury beat. Exceptionally warm but a fairly stiff breeze. The beat was dry fly only and no wading so accurate casting from the bank was required. In the breeze plenty of flies went astray and a found it tough to calibrate an effective leader length on such a small river. I found 7-8' was about the optimum on my 7'6" rod. Just the odd rise and most fish I targeted I either got a rise or hooked. Other than that I often saw the flash of a fish just sub-surface and tempted it on my old faithful olive Klink.  Caught 4 Grayling and 3 trout, one a really nice size that I thought might be stockie but with good fins had obviously been in the river some time. No Danica but just the odd Yellow May dun. Really pleased, despite the difficult conditions, to have netted some fish.

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