Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Chew success again

I am loving the River Chew at the moment. Never see a soul and plenty of fish about on the KAA stretch. Evenings are great away from stressful job with sun going down and just the sound of the spring birds. Fished usual stretch and caught a few nice size Brownies, some smaller Chub and had a colossal struggle with a one of about 2lb. What a difference to play a fish like this on a little fly rod rather than float gear. The fish fought low and hard in one of the big pools and I just managed to net it in my scoop net. Biggest fish from the Chew on the fly so far. I am afraid another coarse fish out of season though - if only I could discriminate! Tried to cut down some Himalayan Balsam which is starting to become a bit of problem.

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