Sunday, 2 August 2009

Tresillian River

Spent a few hours on the Tresillian. If I thought the streams around Bristol were tough access it was near on impossible to get to the bank here. This was on the West Country passport tokens but I'd surprised if the stretch had more than a dozen visitors in a year. Wearing waders and trudging across bog is not a good idea. Once I reached the stream life was easier as the bottom was firm and the depth was pretty uniform for wading. Anyway the fish were not easy to tempt. I ended up catching 6 small Brownies on the nymph. Most were deep in a small weir pool. Returning to the car was no easier either as there appeared to be no exit from the boggy meadows. Eventually I got back to the car exhausted, sodden wet and in the dark.  I like wilderness but I was not prepared wearing the wrong gear and anticipating a nice evening stroll. Having had some wonderful sport in the evenings on the streams on the North coast of Cornwall, which was nearer to home, I can't say the experience left me keen to return. Maybe it was the weather!

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