Thursday, 15 October 2009

My Second Session on Chew Valley

My second visit to Chew Valley. Decided to repeat my method from first visit which had produced results. Waded off Nunnery point. The water was incredibly low and you could wade some 30 yards out and still be waist deep. I fished washing line with Booby on the end and couple of nymphs in between. Slow figure of eight retrieve. It was unlike the rivers as action would come in fits and starts but heart racing stuff nevertheless. Fish would bow wave towards the Booby plucking and tucking with only a few fish actually getting hooked. Caught two Rainbows with the biggest around 3lb. I had purchased a relatively cheap set up of Lureflash Viper and Leeda reel. It seemed to the business as was getting a reasonable cast without tuition and felt just right when playing the fish - forgiving during the lunges yet still enough backbone to bring the fish to the net. The groups of fish seemed to be following the Mute Swans disturbing the bottom. It was lovely evening with just a few bank fisherman around. First photo below is from my first visit but shows how low the water was on this evening.

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