Saturday, 24 April 2010

Upper Chew first trip

Thought I would explore Upper Chew as had read and heard good things. Unfortunately a fair bit of rain had coloured the water nearer the reservoir. The overall experience was not as good as I expected both from a fishing and environment perspective. Having fished relatively quiet streams in the past I was surprised to see at least 2 or 3 fisherman walking the banks. Although I like solitude I am always happy to engage but no one seemed overally friendly or engaging I guess they didn't want to see me either! I managed to catch 2 small wild Brownies and from the returns book that seemed to be a good result. One was on the dry and another on the nymph from one of the bigger pools below the bridge. I worked my way up the bottom beat and that was it with much of the stream appearing pretty lifeless. I did see one lurking stocked Rainbow at about 2lb but was unable to tempt it. Most enlightening moment was seeing Brook Lamprey beneath my feet and getting a few shots of a fish I had never seen before.

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