Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chew Dace save the day as river fishing remains hard

Home without the family has left me time in the evenings for some fishing. Back to the River Chew after waiting a few days for the high water to subside. The river was still high and tinged with colour but looked just about fishable on the fly. I found it tough again connecting with a few small Grayling on the nymph but little rising apart from small shoals of Dace.

In the end I scaled down to a Size 16 Klink and had some good sport with the tiny Dace. Ended up catching about four tiny fish in one fast run. Eventually connected with two average size Brownies on the dry just before dusk started to fall but the window is small as evenings seem to be closing in. I am convinced the heavy river flows have dispersed the fish as runs where I would have been guaranteed a few fish have just not produced..

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