Friday, 31 August 2012

Upper Chew and Publow - blankety blank.

After a few weeks away in Cornwall I checked out Chew at Compton Dando but still too high and coloured for my liking and headed onto Upper Chew which I haven't fished for what seemed like ages. The stream was high but running clear and looked lovely in the August sunshine. I started with anticipation and excitement but as the afternoon wore on this turned to disappointment. Despite the lovely weather the stream appeared fairly lifeless. I didn't see one rise although I did spook one small Brownie. Pools that usually produced Brownies or the native Rainbows failed to show any movement or hint of interest in the dry or nymph. No Kingfisher either perhaps he was at the lake with all the other inhabitants! The limited returns in the book echoed my experience.

On the way back home I had bash at one of the local lakes again not a single rise to target and just a solitary Carp took a cursory nose at at my bread fly and turned in disgust. I know it is not catching but fishing but when you have limited time windows and you want to fish you do want to catch fish. Don't get me wrong I love the environment in which I fish but if it was purely about wildlife watching I would take my family along and not be distracted by the fishing. A bit downbeat I know but I am in need of some inspiration!

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