Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wellow inspiration - fish on the dry, well not quite slightly wet but dry!

After Red had tipped me off the Wellow was fishing well we agreed to meet for an afternoon on this lovely little river. The water was high but clear and the bottom had been cleaned and scoured to perfection. Some runs almost chalk stream like in nature with the mottled pebbles and sandy banks giving way to beds of Rannuculus. First fish came to nymph which was immediately taken after it had risen to the dry.

Very few rises lead me to use a weighted nymph at one deep pool. I put a shot between the dry and nymph and let both sink on the dead drift after casting to the head of the pool. As it reached the deepest part of the pool my leader loop shot forward into another good fish. To my surprise it had taken the sunken Klink. I repeated this method to good effect with another two fish from within a meter of the first all taking the sunken dry. Clearly it was drifting enticingly just a foot or so of the bottom. Ended up with about a half dozen feisty wild fish of a good average size. The village of Wellow was buzzing with the flower festival, ramblers and cyclists.

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