Saturday, 15 September 2012

Some late summer surf and back on the Chew

I haven't been fishing a great deal of late due to other distractions and commitments. A few weeks back I had a lovely few sessions surfing at Penhale in Cornwall in the late summer sun with my brother and few friends. Small but beautifully formed little swell that we surfed in relative solitude. The Haven holiday park at the top of the dunes is enough to send you packing but break through it and you find a wonderful pocket of Cornwall away from the crowd.

Back to the fishing and finally got back out on the lower Chew after what seems like an age. The water as low as I have seen it all this year. Very few fish rising and the two I did see, a Grayling and a Brownie, I caught. Netted a few more on a weighted nymph fished in the medium depth runs. The big pools surprisingly failed to produce. Ended up with three small to medium sized Grayling and two Brownies. Still eerily quiet compared to previous years. Amazed how dynamic the river is with changes in depth and substrate from earlier in the year. The rains have certainly mixed it up a bit. 

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