Friday, 21 September 2012

Bristol Frome Friday fish produces some late summer sport

Fished my local stretch again. The water like the Chew the lowest it has been all year and very clear. Reminded me of the early days of spring as I was greeted with both Dipper and Grey Wagtail. It had been a lovely day and at about 17:00 when I got to the river the temp was dropping dramatically. At my first pool I saw couple of rises from the resident trout. Second cast on the Goldhead and I had an average sized Brownie in the net. As I made my way up the pool I hooked a second fish on the retrieve. As I brought it to the net I thought it was a Chub but as I reached down I realised it was a big Dace. This is the best Dace I have had from the Bristol Frome - I would say at least 10oz so a good fish by any standards.

Big Dace from the Bristol Frome
Downstream I picked up another small Brownie under the carriageway bridge section. Then whilst searching a deep pool in the last knockings of daylight I hit solid resistance as a good fish took me from bank to bank. After several skyward launches I netted another fantastic wild Brownie for the Bristol Frome, perhaps not my best but certainly near it. The fish looked familiar but I have referenced it against other big fish I have caught here and it is not one that I have in the net before. It never ceases to amaze me after being so familiar with this small river/stream it still produces some great surprises.

Another cracking wild Brownie.

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