Saturday, 5 April 2014

2014 Trout Season opener in the West Country

First trip out closer to home Red and I fished the Midford Brook and Wellow.  Red was first in to the fish on an Olive Klink. A dry fly enthusiast in all but the most difficult of conditions Red connected with a number of good sized wild brownies further upstream of me. I hooked with a good fish on the nymph but its silvery flanks led me to believe it was not a trout and it shook the hook in the fast current before I could net it. In the run Red had gained success I immediately netted a nice brownie which hammered the dry. What a great start. Shortly afterwards a real surprise a nice Grayling which came to the Klink again - I had no idea they were in this stream. 

After a few hours we moved up to the Wellow which I have to say looked pristine with a good clear flow and plenty of rising fish not to mention a number of small upwinged flies coming off. Stealthy fishing netted me a fair few beautiful brownies both to the dry on the shallower runs and to the nymph sunk deep into the pools. I love the meandering nature of this little brook as you turn a corner and see a dimpling in the corner of a pool. It taxes the mind of where to place that fly to seamlessly cover the fish and the all important first cast has to count.   The weather remained fairly dry if overcast for the day - its just a shame my Greys GRXi waders one season on couldn't give me the same comfort!


  1. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog not long ago and loving your river escapades. Great work on christening the season already. I've just started to fly fish (after years of lure fishing rivers and sea) and i've just moved to Keynsham so I'm stoked at the trout potential of the river Chew and Cam Brook :) I see that you are a surfer too, fishing and surfing go hand in hand in my book, lived in Bude for many years and still get in as much as I can, family life allowing lol
    Be great to hook up for an angle on the Chew one day if you're keen. Give me a shout!
    Keep up the nice blog,
    Cheers Nick

  2. Thanks for the comment - I will email you. Stream/river fly fishing around Keynsham is quite accessible with a number of clubs offering reasonably priced waters. Mayfly on the Chew is fantastic. It's a bit like jungle warfare out there but if you are willing to wade and scramble about a bit their is some good fishing. I don't surf as much as much as I used due to having a family but I regularly make trips to North Devon in the winter and Cornwall in the summer. Heading down to Perranporth for a few days this weekend so should catch some nice clean conditions. Cheers Mike.