Saturday, 30 June 2018

Fish in hiding but certainly not the badger..

Met up with Red to fish Wellow. Sweltering heat, we headed for a lightly fished section shaded in trees. On the way movement in the field turned out to be a badger in the morning sunshine. I managed to get right up and close as it foraged in the long grass. It turned, saw me and then proceeded to feign death. It was clear it had made a judgement it was not quicker than a human. I held back as its eye flicked open. I stopped moved back and let it go on its way. Clearly young and inexperienced. Same story with the fish being young and inexperienced as no large fish turned up today. The water was clear and low and I picked up a few small trout on the nymph fishing deep in the turbulent runs. Absolutely beautiful day to be in the river full of fry and damsels.

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