Sunday, 8 July 2018

No particular plan turns in to Perch fest

Met up with Red to fish Frome on Avon Tribs ticket. Another baking morning as this summer of all summers continues. Plan was coarse on the fly in some form, whether that was Chub on the dry or Pike on lure, not absolutely sure but something away from our usual trout. Red was first to connect and landed a nice Pike almost on his first cast using a leech fly without a trace. I had a Chub take the dry but failed to get it to the net.  I swapped to lures, added the trace and started to explore the gaps between the weeds. Almost at the point of giving up I hooked a good fish which until I got in the net thought was a Pike. It turned to be a stonking Perch, not my PB, but not far off and not shy of 2lb I would guess. It took the fly deep beneath the sub surface leaves of the lillies. Red caught a couple of smaller Perch on his Leech fly which really seemed effective in UV black dubbing. The Frome incidentally looked wonderful with Gudgeon, fry and Minnow teeming beneath our feet. Those wily old Chub, until next time!

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