Friday, 1 April 2011

2011 First Day on the Rivers - Wellow Brook

Beautiful spring day with river running pretty clear. Met up with fishing buddy Red and fished the Wellow. We started below the footbridge and worked our way upstream. I started on the nymph, a small dubbed Goldhead, and hooked a couple of fish but lost them. I'd snagged a few trees and the bottom a few times and could have really done with a hook sharpener. A rising fish in the first pool I was unable to tempt on the dry despite covering it several times. I tried a Klink but perhaps should have persevered with some more representative patterns. At one of my favoured pools I eventually  netted a few Brownies on a heavier Brassie Goldhead dropped into the turbulent water at the head and then twitched out through the crease. As I hooked a fish others would chase the hooked trout round the pool. The small trout were great sport on my little Odyssey jumping clear of the water and searching for every snag. Red concentrated on the dry using a Greenwells and although had a rise or two did not connect. In the end I'd netted four Brownies all around 8'-10' and had great afternoons fishing with good company. Drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker, first Willow Warbler and first Swallow of Spring 11 added to the day.

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