Friday, 8 April 2011

River Chew welcome return 2011

The river welcomed me with the sights and sounds of what I love best. A Grey Wagtail and Dipper jostle for position in the riffle by the bridge. A Blackcap sings from an ivy clad Alder overhanging the river. I fish New Zealand style today a Klink with Brassie nymph 18” below. First run and although no fish visibly rising my first take is on the Klink. In turbulent water at the head the first rise results in a lovely 8” Brownie that comes to the net after a frenetic fight in the shallow glide below. This is shortly followed by a medium sized Grayling to the nymph.

Next pool not quite so idyllic a seeping bank to my left is clouding the water. Not natural and not good. After investigation no visible source of the contamination other than a hole in the ground. I fish on and two nice Grayling come to the net.

I move downstream to try and avoid the contaminated water and fish some runs and a lovely pool below a Willow breaking the flow. Fish come to both nymph and Klink. In the end I catch probably half dozen Grayling and half a dozen Brownies. River Chew fishing as well as ever.

Phoned EA about pollution on my return home. Excellent response within the hour on the phone and major works in the field the following day. Sewer was backing up and draining into river. Thankyou EA – now I know where my road licence fees go!

Nice Grayling - you can see milky water from contamination

Best Brown Trout of the session

Greedy small Brownie to Klink

Beautiful Spring afternoon on the Chew

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