Monday, 18 April 2011

Bristol Frome first fish 2011

Evening session on Bristol Frome. Just 5 minutes from me and I know it well, very well, every pool, every riffle and every run. I sometimes wonder whether each year I catch the same wild trout as they hold up in the deeper sections. I learn something every visit and today was no exception.

First surprise a Dipper flitting on the stones at one my favourite pools. I have seen them further downstream at Frenchay in the Winter but not here in Spring. Are they nesting? Only time will tell but it would be great if they are.

Dry fly only this evening. A green Klink is cast under the Sycamore. A medium Brownie hits the fly on the way down only to shake free after the first jump. After a few more casts I get another rise, this time I play a nice 10" fish to the net. I move up the pool and get no takes on the surface. As I cast into the head of the pool the fly becomes waterlogged and starts sink. In an effort to make the most of the cast a slowly retrieve across the pool. Bang I'm into a bigger fish. At first I thought is might be one of the 3lb Chub I sometimes see lurking in the shadows. To my surprise its a good Brownie of just under 1lb. I only just got it to the net as it wrapped my line round a snag mid flow which was only freed by wading in. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo as I was more concerned with the trout's well being after such a hectic fight.

Downstream I missed a rise and then caught two small Brownies near the stanchions of the dual carriageway bridge. One day I am going to have to get a shot of beautiful wild Brownie in front of the graffiti clad concrete. The number and size seemed to suggest that the trout had spawned in the vicinity. I had always assumed that the trout here had come from spawning trout in the head waters near Yate where I have witnessed good numbers on some of the gravelly runs. Although it always seems strange to me that the Frome between Iron Acton and Winterbourne has little evidence of trout despite having a number of promising pools and runs.

Anyway another welcome return to my local patch. Spawning coarse fish conspicuous by there absence - usually I see groups of Roach and Chub rolling in the pools. Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker and Great Spotted Woodpecker all put in an appearance.

End up locking my keys in the car on my return, d'oh! Nursing a twisted angle from a Stag weekend in Soton I walk home in the dark. Its not all good!

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