Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cornwall - from sea to stream in one day

Long late spring/summer day today. Spent the day at Praa and went fishing round the coast on the kayak towards Prussia Cove. Turquoise water and sea cliffs cloaked in spring flowers made for a wonderful paddle. The outgoing tide and stiff offshore kept us close in. No Bass moving but a couple of nice Pollack from some of the Kelp beds - although Rich W was convinced I'd hooked the same Pollack twice!

In the evening, after catching the last of an abysmal England performance against the Swiss, I fished a local trout stream. Caught a couple on the dry and then on a Brassie fished deep in some of the pools. None of the fish exceeded hand size but it was good sport in the small stream.

Much of the earlier week had meant some serious surfing at Penhale as a good swell had kicked in with fairly light winds. Took a few Mackerel off the rocks at Towan Head one evening some two hours after high tide! My second home for some 25 years now and still lovin' Cornwall. Back to work now yawn and time to concentrate on the rivers round Brizzle yippee - there has to be an upside!

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