Friday, 20 May 2011

River Chew - Mayfly on the usual beat.

Got home early and headed off for my 'local' stretch on the lower Chew. Another lovely Spring day with a bit of a southerly breeze. Loads of fly life today Mayfly's in drifts above the corn fields. Red Campion and Field Buttercups in full bloom. Started with my own Parachute Mayfly pattern with a little Goldhead. Tempted a couple of rises in the first pool but did not connect. One a small Brownie and the other a decent Grayling. First fish to the net a medium sized Grayling on the Goldhead. Next pool surprise, surprise a couple of Dace falling to the Goldhead. Fished the big pool at the end of the first field and despite three or four rises to my dry could not connect. Clipped the tail of the dry. Crossed the river and moved a couple of fields down. Picked up a couple of good Brownies on the Goldhead and one on the dry. Had a Hornet  for company for a while! Could not believe how the vegetation had taken a hold and covered previous tracks. Fell numerous times as I tried to locate firm bank beneath the nettles and balsam. This stretch is like a jungle now and not for the faint hearted.

 In the last hour between 6:00 and 7:00pm I must have caught ten or more Brownies on the dry. I had removed the Goldhead on the dropper and the trout were aggressively taking the dry within feet of my rod tip.  A few other fishermen around today both on KAA and on Bathampton stretch on my return to the car.

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