Monday, 2 May 2011

Upper Chew visit number two...

Feeling a bit groggy, after a good night out in Bristol watching one of my rock favourite bands of the 80's Magnum, I headed off to the top beat of the Upper Chew on another glorious morning. Red was already on the bank. A bit warmer and sunnier than the last visit but a strong easterly wind. Loads of life with lots of female Beautiful Demoiselle damsel flies on the wing. Finally located where the Kingfisher was nesting high in a north facing bank overlooking one of the most productive pools. I caught a small wild Brown on the Klink and then a sizeable 1lb+ fish from the tail of one of the pools. It took a Brassie suspended beneath the Klink. I was waiting for it to really come to life but after a couple of surges it came to the net quite easily. My guess was that this was a stocked fish but nice nevertheless.

 After a few hours I then moved to the lower beat below the road bridge. This beat was more open and the wind was creating havoc with my line and some of the trees at times with debris flying everywhere. After a frustrating start caught a couple of small Brownies and a nice little Rainbow on the Klink. Despite just being 8" long max it put up one heck of scrap jumping clear of the water several times. I can only assume Rainbows must spawn on the stream. All fish returned.

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