Saturday, 14 May 2011

Upper and Lower Chew in one day

Today did upper beat on Upper Chew and Lower Chew at Bye Mills with Red. Another sunny breezy day. A fair number of Mayfly coming off today especially on the Lower Chew. Caught a small Brownie and then a nice 2lb Rainbow on the Klink on the Upper Chew. The Rainbow just sipped the fly in and took some time to register it had been hooked. I was determined to net it after loosing one a week earlier. The rod was bent in right angles and thankfully the 4lb fluro stayed in tact. We then moved to Bye Mills on the lower Chew. The river upstream is shallow but heavy clay was making any wading extremely difficult. Lost two good Brownies of around a pound and netted a small one. Red caught a decent Brownie on the dry. Loads of Mayfly coming off but only a few fish rising. Downstream the river is deeper and less accessible but there seemed to be more rising fish. I managed to drop my fly on top of a beauty which took the Klink after I'd crept commando like along the side of the bank and just dropped the fly just under my feet. It was about 1.5lb but somehow got my nymph snagged on a tree root, I didn't have a long net and was unsure how deep the river was so felt pretty helpless. After lots of  scrambling the fish broke free  - damn another lost fish! Probably the most skillful fishing I have done to date it was just a shame I didn't get the fish on the bank. Finally caught a nice Brownie of about 10 inches on the way back to the car in a shallow run on one of my Parachute Mayfly's.

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