Sunday, 17 July 2011

First Carp on the fly

My first real effort to catch carp on the fly rod. Not a great day to start as not particularly warm with heavy showers. Started feeding with a few handfuls of white bread. Used a white foam fly I had tied for Mullet. After many frustrating takes, a snapped 6lb leader on a big fish, a couple of returned Rainbows, I finally hooked played and netted a nice 2lb Common Carp. The fly needed clipping down to get a good hook hold on the takes - the curve of the hook had to be exposed. I ended up with just the one Carp and three Rainbows al on the foam bread fly! Little and often with the real bread, leave until nearly all is consumed and cast your fly to the vicinity of the boils. The little carp gave a good account of itself burying itself in the weed beds.

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