Monday, 4 July 2011

It's been a while but it was good to back on the Bristol Frome

Set off at 19:00 and 5 minutes down the road and I was fishing my first pool. Water incredibly clear at the moment. The main storm drain/sewer runs alongside this stretch  so there is an odour which is easy to blame on the Frome but in reality the river has quality water which supports good stocks of fish. Second or third cast brings a nice little Brownie to the net on small green Klink. I miss several rises from the same pool and decide to rest it and move downstream. A little deep bend off the back of a riffle gives shelter for 3 big Chub (2-4lb). I approach from below but fail to get my fly tight enough to the opposite bank. The Klink disappears and I play a Chub of about 10oz to the net. Chub remind me of fresh water Pollack they dive for cover but the fight is not sustained. Next stop a deeper slower section I don't normally fish but notice a number of rising fish - I don't catch the rising fish but net a nice little Roach on the nymph. Noticed trout in the Bradley Brook tonight - now to catch one!

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