Saturday, 9 July 2011

Somerset trout stream

Fished a Somerset trout stream today with Red. I hadn't fished it for a fews years and hoped the good sized resident wild Brownies were still present. Covered a mile of stream jungle with some nice deeps runs, pools and cascades. The stream had a fair amount of water running through that was slightly coloured after some heavy rain from the prevoius 24 hrs. Today was warm and sunny though with a stiff breeze. Fishing just under  rod tip most of time with bow and arrow cast invaluable today. Ended up with half dozen deep coloured wild fish between 10-13 inches. Initially taking nymph but mid afteroon on the dry. Incredible views of Kingfishers skimming my ear as they darted under the tree canopy. Glad I had returned and was not disappointed. Trout fishing doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg if you do your research and know where  to look.

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