Friday, 7 October 2011

Last knockings on the Upper Chew

Had day off today as was planning to do some drift fishing out of Weymouth for Bass and Black Bream but last minute call off due to strong WNW. As a result I thought I'd have another go at Upper Chew. Fished lower beat from lake up. Still painfully low flow, sun out with brisk NW wind. For the first hour very little sign of any fish despite a tip off at the returns box that fish had started moving up from the lake. Making my way upstream I finally found some groups of trout. Caught a couple of lovely buttery Brownies. One about 12oz  although not totally convinced it was a wild one. Then started to hook a few small Rainbows and boy do they fight for their size. I have just started tying a few small, for me anyway, Goldhead Hares Ears (size 16) with a flashbou rib and these were certainly doing the business. I did get one Brownie on a size 12 Klink. Ended up with about 6 Brownies, of which 4 were just finger sized, and 2 Rainbows. Surprisingly, a few fishermen about today obviously hoping for some good Rainbow sport but today it did not deliver on that front. Just like me the fish are waiting for some rain!

This one took the dry

Stockie or wild?

Nice little wild Rainbow

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