Sunday, 23 October 2011

Piking on the Bristol Avon

As I had my Keynsham ticket I thought I would take a break from fly fishing and dust of my coarse gear for an impromptu late afternoon pike session on the lower Bristol Avon. I covered about a mile and half plugging in likely looking swims. First hit was from a Perch. Under half a pound it took a plug way too big for consumption just under the bank. Then I had heart racing follow by a big Pike well into double figures. It followed the lure in took a lazy look at me and turned to return to the deep. Never sure what do when a fish pauses; whether to stop the retrieve, vibrate the lure or speed up. I cast several times to cover the same area but nothing. A few swims on I finally made contact with a jack which came to the net just after one mammoth surge that saw it break water. Probably between 4-5lb. A second fish came to the net at the furthest point on my hike. It took the lure within feet of the opposite bank and put up a spirited fight. I thought it was going to be a much bigger fish but once in the net realised it was just a bit larger than the first. Despite the scales in the photos I didn't weigh any of the fish and returned them to the water fairly quickly. All fish were caught fairly deep. Some nice Chub rising in the twilight back to the car. I love Pike they are just so impressive a top predator hidden away in our neglected waterways.

Greedy little fellow
First jack

Looks like the first Pike but trust me it is the second!

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