Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bristol Frome rising water gives up some big wild Brownies

Spent last couple of hours of the day dodging heavy showers on the Bristol Frome. This time up from the dog beat - only the occassional passer by and camo guy regularly shooting beer cans under the carriageway bridge on this stretch - I am assuming I am safe if I remain on the west bank! I have also seen some 'different' individuals wild camping in the caves further downstream from this stretch and groups young men clearly intent on taking home supper home if they can catch it. The delights of fishing beneath the urban sprawl. Tonight only the shooter to contend with - I just keep my distance. Anyway two Roe deer hinds startle me just 10 yards away on the opposite bank. Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail don't disappoint also passing me on my way downstream. The water is rising and slightly coloured. This river moves up and down like a drain - I suspect in all reality it is with all the tarmac above. After loosing 3 fish on the dry I finally hook a beauty rising under a tree - my best ever Frome Brownie. I follow this up with another good sized Brownie just a few yards away. I move back upstream and tackle a fish I missed on the way down this time persistence pays off after covering the fish six times it finally takes the Klink. Three good fish in the net and safely released I go home a happy man. This Bristol Frome really is quite a good little trout stream.

My best Bristol Frome Brownie to date of over 1lb

Who said it looks like the North Bristol drain?

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