Saturday, 24 September 2011

Upper Chew late September sun..

Fished Upper Chew lower beat with Red. Another fellow angler Nick was also on the beat but we failed to meet up - its easy to pass each other as the stream is hidden in a tree canopy and stealth is the key to success. The morning had stated rainy but cleared up to be a pleasant late summer day. Slow day with still a very low flow coming down from Litton.  Crane flies in abundance. A few rises to the dry, most I missed. I also hooked and lost several fish on nymph. I was using size 14 or larger and assume most of my missed fish were small. In the end finished up with a couple of small Brownies and Rainbows both taking nymph and dry.  One small Rainbow was particularly striking in colour. Red caught a wild Brownie of about 1/2lb which is good wild fish for this section stream. No sign of any adult Rainbows. Nice day for some scenic shots of the stream.

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