Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fishing for dogs on the Bristol Frome

Spent a couple of hours this morning on the Bristol Frome between Frenchay and Oldbury Court. Lots of fish about but these fish are wary and difficult to catch on the fly. Immediately caught sight of lovely trout - looked at least 2lb and some Chub between 1-3lb. I thought I'd start downstream and work my way back up. Loads of Dace just breaking the surface. Ended up catching quite few Dace on the dropper and the dry, lost a good Brownie of about a 1lb that jumped and shook the hook, a number of record breaking minnows on the nymph, but failed to tempt any of the Chub or the big trout I'd clocked. Next time I'll take a freelined maggot! Note to oneself never fish here on a sunny Sunday morning - more dogs than crufts and half were taking a dip. No wonder the fish are wary. Lovely views of a Kingfisher taking Minnows below a fallen tree.

Best Dace of the day - on the dry

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