Friday, 9 September 2011

Upper Chew ...last visit of the season?

Friday afternoon fish with Red on the Upper Chew. Tried the lower beat downstream of the bridge. Quiet and from the book infrequently fished with not many stocked fish being caught. Had a mare of a start - obviously out of practice in confined spaces put that together with some Airflo leader that was some years old and I had created some lovely crochet patterns in the line. Once I got my act together managed to catch a few wild Brownies - most on the Brassie in the deeper pools but the best coming on the dry. Interestingly enough caught three Rainbow parr all about 5 inches. Had a real suprise in one pool where I had solid resistance on the nymph under the bank and the fight was deep and sluggish. I never saw the fish before it shook the hook but am convinced it was not a trout - eel? Saw one Rainbow of about 1.5lb jump clear of the water but it was not tempted by what I had on offer. Still low flow of water comming through despite some rain over last few weeks. Tawny Owl and Kingfisher interesting distractions from the fishing. Also found a dead Brook Lamprey - pretty intact so did not look like result of predator.

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